Fine Line

I believe there is a fine line between persuasion and inspiration. Being that the two are in fact distinguishable, this indicates that both exist. My definition of persuasion is a deliberate action of getting others to change their previous opinions, beliefs, and values into new ones that reflect the opinions, beliefs, and values of the person doing the persuading. These “persuasions” can either have a negative or positive effect on the person. I define  inspiration, on the other hand, as a deliberate or unintentional way of enforcing and encouraging the change of opinions, beliefs, and values and is almost always beneficial to both sides: the inspirer and the inspired. 

Both inspiration and persuasion exists all around us. Trying to describe this in the most positive aspect possible, the cultures and norms of different societies around the world would be nonexistent without persuasion and inspiration. People everywhere are persuaded to dress and act a certain way to “fit in” with the crowd. Conformity is a natural human response to the effects of persuasion. People are inspired on a different level though. The great geniuses of all time like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, and Beyonce had to have gotten their inspiration from someone, somewhere or something. Without these “triggers” they would not have created the art and been able to share their intelligence that they have today.


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