Emotions Through Music

When I listen to music, it is almost always to put me in a better mood or it reflects the mood I am in at that moment. Music really is the only thing that can make me feel better when I’m going through hard times. It is in a song’s lyrics where I find an emotional release and peace within my mind. I find music to be very soothing and therapeutic to a damaged or stressed emotional state. It helps because you can either just listen and understand, or you can listen and relate. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to a song, identify with the lyrics and know that you are not going through those feelings alone. Whether you are going through a break up, stressing out about finals, or getting over a traumatic situation, music is always there to help.

Music can also help put me in a mentally happy state like while I am at the gym, casually hanging out with friends, driving in my car, or at a party. Music really just sets the mood in whatever situation i’m in on a daily (if not hourly) basis. This is a tad peculiar so forgive me but my favorite part of the day that I LIVE FOR is blasting Beyoncé when I am fresh out of the shower getting ready. She’s obviously a queen and sometimes it’s nice to feel like one too!


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