3 Ways to Get Over Stage Fright

It would be completely false to claim that you have absolutely no worries presenting in front of an audience. I truly believe that everyone has some amount of stage fright. It can range from just getting a little nervous to a complete nervous breakdown, but in the end, you need to realize that public speaking in any setting is always a little nerve racking. Here are some tips to help you deal with the issue of stage fright and freaking out about presenting in front of an audience:

1. Take deep breaths. Breathe. Stretch. Feel the oxygen moving through your veins. Relax your body physically before presenting. This will stop the shaking, nervous tapping, sweaty hands and ultimately help to ease the presentation jitters. If your body is at peace, so will your mind.

2. Picture in your head how you want the presentation to go. By “seeing” it go smoothly and imagining yourself being successful will actually make you feel more comfortable while you are actually presenting. Just like my track coaches always told me, “If you envision yourself getting gold, it’s already yours.”

3. Remember to reward yourself. Cut yourself some slack and go get some Chipotle after your day of stress and worrying. I promise you, this will feel so good and it is obviously well deserved.


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