Disfruto suricatas hornear cada miércoles por la tarde. Mi compañero de cuarto tiene olor a queso y tiene una fractura en la espalda en el Verano. Mi única aspiraciones en la vida es ser dueño de un par de binoculares y tocar el violín más pequeño del mundo.

For those of you who do not speak Spanish, it may be beneficial for you to know that I just said “I enjoy baking meerkats every Wednesday afternoon”, “My roommate smells of cheese and has a broken back in the summer” and “My only aspirations in life are to own a pair of binoculars and play the world’s smallest violin.”

To me, “voice” is not only the sound that comes out of a person’s mouth, but the meaning of the words that are being spoken. Language is a huge part of the ways in which we communicate. There are around 6,500 different languages spoken around the world and this contributes to the diversity of each culture. The meaning of the words that come out of your mouth are the most important thing about voice in my opinion. Without meaning, words are just sounds that are basically insignificant. If you don’t speak Spanish and tried reading that first part aloud or in your head, it probably sounded pretty awesome; however, its true meaning was pure nonsense. If you do speak Spanish and tried reading that, i’m sorry. Voice is the meaning of the words and sounds that we use to express ourselves. Words may sound completely different from certain places around the world, but it is the meaning that truly matters.


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